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Today’s Date is 07/14/2024

Accuracy of the information may be affected by pending payments or corrections.
Posting occurs at minimum weekly. The balance due, including any penalty, is as of 07/13/2024.

Service Fee Information

In addition to the TOTAL amount of taxes selected for payment, a Service Fee may be assessed depending on the type of payment selected: e-check, PayPal, credit card or debit card. The service fee for PayPal, credit and debit card based payments is 2.50% of the transaction amount with a minimum charge of $3.50. There is no Service Fee for payments made via E-check; however, E-checks processed and rejected for any reason will be subject to the County standard returned check fee of up to $85. By consenting with the processing of an Electronic Check transaction, you are authorizing the Tax Collector to debit your account for a one-time payment which may be processed as early as today.

ATTENTION: The Tax Collector's Office cannot guarantee uninterrupted availability of this website. Delinquent fees and penalties may result from such unavailability. It's recommended to pay your taxes early.

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